AFL Europe



Over the last ten years Australian Football or Aussie Rules as it is often known has grown rapidly across Continental Europe. In response to that growth a need for a united governing body was recognised and initial discussions on creating one were held in Zagreb, Croatia in October 2009 at a forum held to coincide with that year’s EU Cup. It became clear at the forum that there was sufficient desire to establish a body which was democratically run and accountable to it’s members and so a conference was agreed for the following January in Frankfurt, Germany.


The Association is run by a Commission made up of three commissioners elected from the general assembly of the association, three outside Commissioners invited to provide their business and Strategic experience and their knowledge of Sports administration and a Chairman elected by the general assembly. While all these positions are filled voluntarally, the Australian Football League have committed financial support to the appointment of a Full Time Regional Manager for Europe who will carry out the day to day running of the association.

The two-day conference in Frankfurt was attended by a number of European League representatives and chaired by Gerard Murphy at the request of the Australian Football League who were keen to see a more structured and strategic approach to the game’s development in Europe. The conference resulted in the creation of the European Australian Football Association, with articles of association drawn up, a constitution formalised and a two-tier structure of administration.


At the association Conference held in Parabiago, Italy in October 2010 a vote was passed to change the name to AFL Europe subject to some clarifications from the Australian Football League. Later that month Commissioners of the Association met with Andrew Demetriou, Adrian Anderson and Kevin Sheehan from the AFL were a renewed commitment to the development of Australian Football in Europe was given and a guarantee was made that the AFL/AIS Academy would visit the region in April of 2011 where they would play a European Representative team.


The Association’s mission is to help develop and grow Australian Football in Europe in a structured and united manner. If you would like details on Aussie Rules in Europe, assistance in setting up a club or league or access to resources please contact one of our officers and we will be happy to add you to the European Footy Family.