• Sam Percy
    Sam Percy Life Member since 2016

    Sam Percy has had an illustrious career with AFL London spanning over 22 years. He spent 16 years as a player with the Wandsworth Demons, and in those years he spent a total of six as the BARFL/AFL London President, in which time he helped create AFL London and AFL Britain as they stand today.

    Sam has been an invaluable contributor to AFL in London and without his dedication, passion and drive it would not be as strong as it is today.

  • Christopher Rea
    Christopher Rea Life Member Since 2017

    Chris has demonstrated through his time with both the league and the North London Lions that he is a good figurehead. He had come to London when the league and the clubs were a little fractious. Taking the reins during a period of uncertainty, he recognised the need for a united front from Clubs and the league and he brought with him a determined, level-headed focus which has helped the league grow into what it is today. Most importantly though, he has time and time again shown what a wonderful and generous person he is.