Big Day Out For Big Guns – Round 9 Wrap

By Wesley Hull, World Footy News.

With finals just a couple of weeks away for the AFL London season, their two biggest guns – the Wandsworth Demons and West London Wildcats – flexed their muscle in a big way in their Round 9 matches. The two teams had already locked away first and second place, but the size of the wins on the weekend has again changed the order.

The Demons were far too good for the Wimbledon Hawks, trouncing them by 172 points and gaining yet another big percentage boost. The Wildcats won their match by a compelling 123 points, yet conceded top spot in an unusual quirk of the game. It is not a remarkable thing for a small percentage to separate first from second place. It is very unusual, however, for the top side (Demons) to have a percentage of 329.4% and be narrowly ahead of second place (Wildcats) on 325.8%.

However, such has been their dominance this season, with just one round to play, they are even on points and only a couple of goals different on for and against. It is difficulty now to pick which of the two teams is flag favourite with just on round left to play before finals.

In the Women’s Premiership, the Wandsworth Demon hammered the Wimbledon Hawks by 54 points whilst the South East London Giants continued their good late season form by downing the North London Lions by 25 points.


The final round matches in the Men’s Premiership division will see the London Swans hosting the Wandsworth Demons and the Wimbledon Hawks clashing with the North London Lions.


Round 9 Results

Men Premiership

Wandsworth Demons 29 6 180 Wimbledon Hawks 1 2 8
London Swans 3 7 25 West London WIldcats 22 16 148


Womens Premiership

Wandsworth Demons 7 12 54 Wimbledon Hawks 0 0 0
North London Lions 1 6 12 South East London Giants 5 7 37


Mens Conference

Wandsworth Demons 9 5 59 Putney Magpies 4 2 26
London Swans 5 1 31 Shepherds Bush Rainders 18 10 118
North London Lions 6 12 48 South East London Giants 4 7 31


Womens Conference

Wandsworth Demons 5 6 36 Putney Magpies 0 1 1
London Swans 9 4 57 West London Wildcats 1 2 8