About AFL London
AFL London was formed out of the old BARFL (British Australian Rules Football League) which was the body that mainly looked after footy in London since its inception in 1990.

As more and more leagues starting forming across the country, including Scotland and Wales, it was felt that a new body should be formed to focus more on the development of the game nationally (AFL England) but AFL London was still a major focus of the sport in the UK.
So AFL London was formed at the end of 2010 and was a slight break from the norm in how it was setup. AFL Committees in the UK were generally formed with random individuals all associated with the game but the new AFL London Committee is made up of one club representative from each club that has a team in the Premiership. Decisions are voted on by those clubs with a Chairman who facilitates the Committee (unusually, the Chairman does not have a vote unless it is a casting one!).

There are 3 divisions in AFL London: Premiership, Conference and Social.
Each division has different rules governing the make up a team.

There are currently 8 clubs involved in AFL London, with 6 clubs having a team in the Premiership and a further 2 clubs having a team in the Conference and in the Social.
To see the clubs please click on the Clubs tab above to see a map of all the clubs in and around London. (There is currently one club missing from this list as they are in transition, new ground etc)