Stoke Travel: Why Oktoberfest Is The Best End Of Season Trip


It’s been a long footy season, grueling away, blood, sweat, tears and some bloody good memories with your mates. With the season over you all want to go out with a bang. Not everyone can walk away a winner on the footy field. Lucky for you there’s always a winner with one very big, very fun, very messy and very yeasty festival you don’t want to miss out on. That’s right, you guessed it, the one and only Oktoberfest, the world’s biggest beer festival, held in Munich over three weeks each year. You’ve heard the rumours and now it’s your turn to experience it for yourself. The food, the beer, the babes…There are so many reasons why this is the perfect festival to end the season and we’re here to spell it out for you.


The Beer (obviously)

This might seem like a no-brainer but the beer is actually a lot more delicious than you might think. It is the best in Germany. It’s pure, unadulterated beer, with nothing artificial and no additives. It comes by the litre and is served to you by German beer maids dressed in a traditional Dirndl. If that doesn’t sound like a good time, I don’t know what does. For €10 you can hold your stein, drink it, take a photo for Instagram with it, messy cheers it, dance with it and maybe accidentally smash it (not recommended). This beer is the ultimate cold one, the most delicious Friday arvo knock-off and no beer ever again will compare to the beer you’ve consumed with thousands of your new best friends in a German beer hall. This is the grand final of beer and you wanna be on the winning team.

The babes

With the festival attracting people by the many thousands over the course of the three weeks, there is a high chance you’ll find a cutie you’d like to have a stein with. There have even been a few known couples to come out of an Oktoberfest romance and flourish in the real world! If you’re unlucky in love then perhaps a trip to Munich is exactly what you need. There’s something about litres of beer confidence that assists you in ways you could never imagine. You’re funnier, more attractive (probably) and your dance moves are noticeably better. Get on down to the beer halls, buy your lucky someone a big ‘ol stein and watch the sparks fly. What a perfect way to end the season, with a honey on your arm and someone to help ease your post-footy blues?


All the new friends

Due to the size of Oktoberfest, you’re bound to make at least a billion new friends (we’re definitely not exaggerating). You’ll make friends from all over the world, meaning you’ll have couches to sleep on and heaps of people to kick the footy with. There are ways to make friends outside the beer halls as well. If you travel with a company, you’re definitely going to make a lot of friends with the same appetite for a party as you. Stoke Travel are a company that specialises in European festivals and Oktoberfest just so happens to be their biggest of the year. Over the course of the festival they house over 8,000 people from all the far flung corners of the earth in only the biggest and best campsite at the festival. There’s a whole new party amongst that campsite with the loosest people around, all of them waiting to become your new best friend.



Whatever money you have left you can splash on beers

As long as you’re going straight home from Oktoberfest, you can spend all your leftover money (providing you even have any) on beers and food. You can be that guy who shouts steins left right and centre and is buying all the drunken eats inside the beer hall. You won’t have to be restricted to rationing out your beer purchases throughout the weekend because you’re broke, or maybe you are but it doesn’t matter because you’re only going home anyway. Having money to splash on beers means you’ll have a killer hangover, but again, it doesn’t matter because this is the last hurrah. Spend up, drink up and go out with a bang.



It’s your last chance to work on your European summer body

Even though you’ve probably been eating and drinking your way around some of the best food and booze in Europe, there is always room for improvement. Yeah you’ve been playing a bit of footy but if you don’t come home 10kg heavier (and we don’t mean in your bag) people are going to think you didn’t have a very good time. All the best things in life make you a little bit chubby, and of course that includes beer. The best way to finish off the season is to get amongst the beer halls, drink litres upon litres of beer, eat some of the heartiest, meatiest and most filling German drinking food you can ever imagine and cop those last minute kilos on the chin (literally). You’ll be having such a good time that you won’t think twice about how your jeans probably don’t fit anymore and you’re going to have to train twice as hard next year to be in prime condition.

If this isn’t enough to make you want to finish your footy season covered in beer then we don’t know what else we can say. It’s a bucket list must, a once in a lifetime weekend of tomfoolery and you have the chance to go and celebrate with your best mates, new and old. What are you waiting for? Get it sorted and get yourself to Oktoberfest!

To make things super easy, Stoke Travel have options for how to get there, what’s included and where you’ll camp. There are glamping options and trains from various locations throughout Europe. There is literally no possible way we could make this any easier for you. Check it all out here: and we’ll see ya there!

Why not the cheaper alternative to avoid those hefty flight costs, take the guided London to Oktoberfest Trains over the three weekends straight from Kings Cross to your campsites doorstep without the fuss, check it all out here:

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