Stoke’s Guide to Making it Through the Off-Season

That’s it, all she wrote, done and dusted for this season. It’s that time of year we all dread, finals buzz has died down, and it’s still too early next season’s predictions. At home, the blow would be lessened by the start of summer, but here in London the winter is just setting in with no footy to cozy up to. To that end, we asked our pals at Stoke Travel to tell us how they stay busy in the off season.


Turn Your Attention West

It’s a far cry from Aussie Rules, but the American football season ramps up just as ours dies down for the year. The gameplay is slow-paced at best, and to be honest the rules make no sense to us here at Stoke, but with 17 weeks of play in the regular season and about 15 games to watch every week, there’s more than enough “football” to pass the time. And as a bonus, if you happen to be around Barcelona for the playoffs in early 2019, you can join Stoke at our Superbowl Party – win or lose, we booze.



Try Some Winter Sport

Here in Europe we have access to some of the best slopes around, so why not get outside and make some use of this snow nonsense. The Pyrenees offer some of the best skiing and snowboarding in Europe, if you feel like sorting the trip yourself. But if you’re like us and you’d rather just turn up and shred, hop on one of Stoke’s Andorra Ski Weekends. We’ll take you from Barcelona up to the tax-free haven of Andorra, nestled in the legendary Pyrenees, and sort out your hotel, lift pass, meals, and equipment. All you need to do is booze, ski, and mingle.



Distract Yourself With A Vacation

Nothing takes your mind off the struggles of everyday life like stuffing your best party shirts in a bag and heading out of town for a day or two. Festival season has passed and our trips are less frequent in winter, but that’s not to say Stoke doesn’t have some doozies in the works for the cold season. St. Patrick’s Day in Kilkenny and Dublin is always a crowd-pleaser, and our 24-hour bender of a party train from London to Edinburgh and back for the Hogmanay New Year’s street party is sure to be a highlight of the holidays. We’ll be passing the time in the only way we know how, using our drunk blankets to stay warm and our beer goggles to distract from the footy-shaped holes in our hearts. But if that doesn’t do it for you, we reckon you’ll have to…






Lock Yourself In Your Room, Curl Up In A Blanket And Cry…

If none of these alternatives appeal to you, we’re not sure what to say. Hey, we tried, OK? We guess your only option is to seal yourself away from the cold and damp and hibernate your way through winter like the world’s mopiest bear. Fear not, friend, because spring is just around the corner with flowers, trees, and rivalries blossoming like they never left.


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