Pre-Season Cup 2018 Results

Over the weekend we saw AFL London kick into action with the Preseason Cup spark the start of the AFL London 2018 season.

The weather made the day a spectacle for everyone involved and all eight AFL London clubs with the inclusion of the GB Swans and Bulldogs fought for the Preseason Shield and to show what they had in stall for the rest of the home and away season.

With some great footy played all day, including two games going into extra time during the finals, The West London Wildcats came out on top within the Men’s final narrowly beating Putney Magpies 3.6.2424 to 1.1.7 in extra time. The Wandsworth Demons women’s team were victorious in the Women’s final, defeating the North London Lions 3.3.21 to 1.0.6.

We want to thank the West London Wildcats for hosting the marvellous event and all people involved from umpiring to pitch management in ensuring the day went smoothly.


Full Results from the day’s games can be found below:


Pool A
West London Wildcats 0.0.0 def by South East London Giants 3.0.18
Wimbledon Hawks 3.3.21 def London Swans 0.0.0
West London Wildcats 3.2.20 def Wimbledon Hawks 0.3.3
South East London Giants 3.3.21 def London Swans 3.0.18
London Swans 2.0.12 def West London Wildcats 1.1.7
Wimbledon Hawks 2.0.12 def South East London Giants 0.3.3

Pool B
Putney Magpies 2.0.12 def by North London Lions 3.3.21
Wandsworth Demons 3.1.19 def GB Swans 0.0.0
North London Lions 1.1.7 def by Wandsworth Demons 3.3.21
GB Swans 3.1.19 def Putney Magpies 1.0.6
North London Lions 2.1.13 def by GB Swans 4.1.25
Wandsworth Demons 2.2.14 def Putney Magpies 0.1.1

Preliminary Final 1
Wandsworth Demons 0.1.1 def Wimbledon Hawks 0.0.0
Preliminary Final 2
North London Lions def South East London Giants

Wandworth Demons 3.3.21 def North London Lions 1.0.6


Pool A
North London Lions 3.1.19 def Reading Kangaroos 2.2.14
Reading Kangaroos 0.3.3 def by South East London Giants 1.1.7
South East London Giants 0.0.0 def by North London Lions 3.0.18

Pool B
Putney Magpies 0.2.2 def by Wandsworth Demons 2.0.12
Wandsworth Demons 5.0.30 def London Swans 1.2.8
London Swans 1.0.6 def by Putney Magpies 5.2.32

Pool C
West London Wildcats 7.3.45 def GB Bulldogs 0.0.0
GB Bulldogs 4.3.27 def Wimbledon Hawks 0.0.0
Wimbledon Hawks 0.0.0 def by West London Wildcats 6.5.41

Preliminary Final 1
North London Lions 0.2.2 def by Putney Magpies 2.5.17
Preliminary Final 2
West London Wildcats 2.0.12 def Wandsworth Demons 0.2.2

West London Wildcats 3.6.24 def Putney Magpies 1.1.7